Collis Curve toothbrush

It’s simply a
better brush

Specially designed with curved bristles to clean tooth surfaces, clean the sulcus, and massage the gums all at the same time.

Curved bristles

Improved oral care


Adaptive device for limited manual dexterity like for persons with Parkinson’s disease and arthritis

Top choice

Caregivers, occupational therapists, dental hygienists, dentists, care homes, and hospitals

Oral hygiene

Quick and easy brushing technique. Cleans around braces, crowns, implants, and recessed gumlines

Why Collis Curve?

Simultaneous brushing technique

The Sulcus is the space between the tooth and gum where bacteria breed causing cavities and bad breath. Your dentist uses curved instruments such as a scaler to clean your teeth in the sulcus. The cleaning action of the Collis-Curve Toothbrush approximates that of 100 scalers working at once to clean your teeth all over, including in the sulcus!

It removed up to 40% more plaque than any manual brush and at the same time improved gingival health by up to 68% in comparison

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